history of diyarbakir

Scenery from Diyarbarkir (2019) – after the uprise of many PKK-members, mainly from the youth organizations who occupied the inner city of the capital of South East Turkye rebuilding starts. Members of the PKK occupied the inner city Sur, which is encircled by ancient walls. Turkish security forces besieged the area for roughly three months and during the fights much of the neighborhoods were destroyed and 25 people killed. The streets are still patrolled by armored police vehicles, water cannons and legions of policemen. Despite the popularity of the self proclaimed workers party among left parties in Europe also local tradesmen were not happy about the actions of the fighters of the PKK, enlisted as a terror group in most western countries. “They should do that stuff in their mountains, but leave us alone here in the city and make our business” as a businessman expresses it.

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