Vinnytsia – Life goes on in an Ukrainian City

Vinnytsia is a town of around 400.000 people, even with the war many refugees are flocking in and are looking for accommodation. Even though cruise missiles hit public buildings regularly and lead to civilian casualties, the town is far away from the action of the war. (Pictures by Kseniia Semenova, 2022)

The old Watertower of Vinnytsia

The Old Watertower of Vinnytsa lies on the main square, which is still crowded during the day. It is in the center of the city, where people meet and usually the Christmas fair is taking place.

Shopping during times of distress

People need to do their daily grocery shopping and follow their routines.

But even though, Vinnytsa’s inhabitants are enjoying culture. While the screens show the current warnings of an air raid, the flutist finishes playing. After the song, everyone leaves for the basement.

Consumption plummeted due to regular electricity lockdowns

Where the exchange rates of the Ukrainian hryvnia for hard dollars or euros used to be emblazoned in garish letters, there are blank boards during the continuous power outages. Although the country’s payment systems are still functioning, the services of many businesses are crippled by Russian attacks on the infrastructure.

Improvisation with Diesel-generators

Even though people are still buying, they hold their savings together. Many shops are running out of customers and therefore have to close. However, the once which are still upholding business struggle with electricity shortages. Many improvise with diesel generators like the one in the picture. But also the fuel was becoming expensive and hampers the economic recovery in Ukraine.



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