Analysis about economic, geopolitical and political situation in your country. Institutional and business related, what experiences you have with corruption (data driven articles highly appreciated)

Travelling: what makes your region accessible? How to explore the nature and how does the influx of foreigners change the environment and society? What sources of income does tourism provide?

Lifestyle: how life and social relationships work in your society, food, clothes and how the people earn their money.

Tech: which technologies are especially helpful. What decentralized innovations can do for you (solar panels that run fridges for fresh food, drones delivering medication, blockchain technologies).

Journalistic formats we highly appreciate:

Data journalism (and visualizations), reports on current studies on topics of interest in our categories, reports, portraits, analysis, photo reportages.

Entrepreneurship and tech: how do people earn their income, utilize new technologies for their businesses, or work in traditional professions.

Who do we publish: since we are highly aware of bottlenecks in academia that not necessarily promote the “best” or most creative ideas, not to mention identifying the most relevant topics for developing and emerging economies. Send us a short expose not longer than 500 words about your idea.

Disclaimer: Please be aware, that our staff is working voluntarily, and we are not able to pay for contributions, though we are working on models to reward for work.

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